Successful DGS

Friday, 28 February 2020 16:28 Written by 

Guess what guys?! We successfully purchased all Direct Group tickets offered to us! These tickets are what ensures the Mycodelic Forest has enough people on playa to be a successful part of the city’s infrastructure. A very special thank you to Caro FautschChris McCleanDavid CarrascoJamison GardnerLowell ReeveMichelle LothRachael FalesSarah CallanTamsin Woolley-BarkerThomas Garret and Trevor Bice for participating in this sale and for securing tickets for half our camp! This does not make the main sale any less crucial though. We will still need everyone eligible, even or friends, to participate in the main sale to close the gap on the rest of the tickets needed. Keep the energy going we are kicking ass!???

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