Q: Will there be prepared meals or do I need to bring my own food?

A: There wil not really be any officially prepared meals by camp. You will be expected to bring your own meals, however many camp members bring extra food and if people are hungry may be willing to cook some extra for you to get in on. We have some suggestions for good-tasting ready-to-go meals.

Q: Do I need to bring my own water?

A: Yes, definitely. We recommend you bring at least a gallon of water a day. Most camp members bring extra but DO NOT RELY ON ANYONE ELSE FOR WATER.

Q: Will there be a shower?

A: There is not currently a shower, although we have occasionally brought one in the past. They are usually a pain in the ass, and most camp members have difficutly taking a low water usage shower.

Q: Is there shade for me to camp under?

A: Yes everyone camping with the Mycodelic Forest will have the option of camping under our 60x36 shade structure with a maximum of a 10x10x10 space per human to camp under.If you bring a significant other, you can take up a 10x20 space with your giant Chateau. The shade structure is composed of two 20x36 foot Black Rock Hardware shade kits with another 20x36 foot shade cloth in between. 

Q: Will the camp be providing alcohol?

A: Sort of. Wizard has brewed us 50 gallons of beer which we will be serving daily to participants. We also do tend to be a bit of a bar, but our booze will be composed of whatever people want to drink themselves. Do you like whiskey? Bring a handle of whiskey. Do you like Voldka? Bring a handle of vodka. Basically, bring enough for yourself and enough to share. We'll set up a registry so people can have some idea of what we will have.

Q: Is there a kitchen? What should I bring for cooking?

A: We have a whole kitchen setup. It's not fancy, but we have a large two-burner outdoor propane range, a smaller 3 burner propane range, and a small propane oven with a 2 burner propane range on top. There will be two mini fridges, a small top loading freezer, and a medium-sized top loading freezer. We will be providing refreezable ice cube trays to cut back on the grey water if you have coolers. There will be an electric hot water pot, and yes...an espresso machine.

Q: What about pots and pans?

A: Yep we'll have a bunch of those. There are some bowls and plates, but not much. Everyone should bring their own plate/bowl/silverware to keep clean. If you use the camp pots or pans, please clean them IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait 5 minutes.

Q: Does the kitchen have a sink? How do I wash my dishes?

A: There is no sink. We used to bring a sink but camp members were unable to use the sink responsibly with low water usage. Many people left dishes in the sink to 'soak'. Camp has a number of spray bottles that we will have available with different fluids in them. There is a spray bottle for plain water (Blue), for soapy water (Green), and for vinegar (Red). Immediately after using your dish, you should spray it lightly with water and wipe it out with a disinfectant wipe or paper towels. We will have lots of wipes to be provided for you so that you can promptly do your dishes. DON'T LEAVE DIRTY DISHES.

Q: Will I be able to charge my camera? Will there be any power?

A: Yes, Mycodelic Forest runs on Solar Power! we also have a 7000kw Generator as backup. There will be power outlets around the camp for people to access. 

Q: How much are camp dues?

A: more info coming soon