A Burning Man Theme Camp

We are The Mycodelic Forest, a Burning Man theme camp located around the 3'oclock sector in Black Rock City. 

At the Mycodelic Forest, the magic of renewal awaits you! We are inspired by the special ability of mycelium to break down organic compounds and decompose biomass into compost to create new life. In this way, we strive to break down barriers and educate others on how to protect the playa and the Burner Culture to create an emotionally fertile environment for everyone.

Our group has been attending Burning Man as The Mycodelic Forest for many years now but spent our first year as The Enchanted Forest Funki. This website is a place to learn about all things related to the Mycodelic Forest Burning Man theme camp and to organize and coordinate our members. If you would like to contribute, in any form, to the Mycodelic Forest, please proceed to our forum to discuss anything camp-related.

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