We are The Mycodelic Forest, a Burning Man theme camp located around the 3'oclock sector in Black Rock City. 

The Mycodelic Forest is a family of spontaneous and vigorously creative people. At all times, we are a peaceful, tolerant family with respect for life and the environment. Burning Man could not exist without the love and devotion of each entity and we try to inspire, by being inspired. Each person is responsible for everything that is them, and through what's uniquely realized, we want to provide magic; of thought, of creation, and of evolution. We want everyone to be proud of what a community filled with responsibility, love and acceptance can create. We encourage immediacy of experience. Be here, be now. Join us in the Mycodelic Forest.

We are a group of dedicated, civic minded burners that believe in the interconnectedness of all organisms. Our group has been attending Burning Man as The Mycodelic Forest for the past 2 years, but spent a year before that as The Enchanted Forest Funki. This website is a place to learn about all things related to the Mycodelic Forest Burning Man theme camp and to organize and coordinate our members. If you would like to contribute, in any form, to the Mycodelic Forest, please proceed to our forum to discuss anything camp related.