Rachael Fales

Rachael Fales

Saturday, 28 March 2020 19:53

Main Sale Postponed

Hey everybody! Hope everything is going well at home and no one is going too stir crazy. Today the org hosted the annual Theme Camp symposium and we learned some important info I thought you all would be interested in.

Firstly the Main Sale has been postponed...so no registration on April fools ? and no sale on April 8th. They are holding off on the sale because they don’t want anymore tickets sold if the event is going to be canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Miriam, CEO of the Org, let us know that May 1st will be the point of no return for that looming cancellation announcement. That means in the event The Multiverse takes place the main sale will likely happen in early May.

As a side note for those of us who have already dropped a wad on tickets this year she outlined the possible options being discussed. Basically they are the same as what Trailblazer noted about our dues...donation, rolling them into next year or partial refund. To be clear they have still not come to a decision. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

With that said I hope you are all safe and healthy and want to invite you to the hang out Wizard and Trailblazer have been hosting every evening. So far it has been great getting to have a social life through all this craziness. Hope to see you all if not in the dust then through the tubes!???

Friday, 28 February 2020 16:28

Successful DGS

Guess what guys?! We successfully purchased all Direct Group tickets offered to us! These tickets are what ensures the Mycodelic Forest has enough people on playa to be a successful part of the city’s infrastructure. A very special thank you to Caro FautschChris McCleanDavid CarrascoJamison GardnerLowell ReeveMichelle LothRachael FalesSarah CallanTamsin Woolley-BarkerThomas Garret and Trevor Bice for participating in this sale and for securing tickets for half our camp! This does not make the main sale any less crucial though. We will still need everyone eligible, even or friends, to participate in the main sale to close the gap on the rest of the tickets needed. Keep the energy going we are kicking ass!???

Monday, 09 March 2020 16:24

Main Sale Announcement

Do you love the Mycodelic Forest? Are you planning on coming to this years burn? If you said yes to either question then you should participate in Burning Man’s main ticket sale.

We still need around 20 tickets to be full force on playa so even if you are not planning to burn this year it is super important you still participate in the main sale. These tickets are really tough to get but super easy to offload. So don’t worry about getting stuck with the bill.

Registration for the main sale opens April 1st...that’s right April Fools everybody. ? The actual sale opens at Noon PST. It usually sells out in minutes so punctuality is key.

If you are participating in the main sale please let me know ASAP especially if you are an exceptionally wonderful person who is not going to use a ticket but wants to help make sure someone else gets to. This is the big one everybody let’s make it count. ??

Monday, 03 February 2020 23:10

Announcing 2020 Ticketmaster

Hello Burner Buddies! It’s me Sinky/Rachael your friendly neighborhood Ticketmaster for the 2020 Burn Multiverse. I will be your guide through all ticket sales and DGS ticket allocations. Today I’m here to announce three ticket events that will be happening this month.

First is registration for low income tickets starting Feb. 12th. If you are interested in applying for a low income ticket please let me know ASAP. It will exclude you from other ticket sales but have no fear as a theme camp we buy extras to offset that risk.

Speaking of theme camp tickets DGS registration opens Feb 13th. The Direct Group Sale is where theme camps are allocated a certain number of tickets to ensure there are enough people to get our camp on its feet. Last year we were allocated 14 invitation. Which means we need 14 people from our camp who can pony up enough cash to buy two tickets at the sale on Feb. 26th. If you are interested in participating in DGS again please let me know ASAP.

I’m so excited to be burning with you all again this year and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. See y’all in the dust ?