We are going to Not Burning Man!

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 10:19 Written by 

Rumors of Burning Man's demise have been greatly exagerrated! I just wanted to shoot out a quick post to let people know, in a somewhat official capacity, thaat Mycodelic Forest is going to That Thing In The Desert. The one formerly known as Burning Man also now commonly called the Renegade Burn or Not Burning Man. This will be the second year that this event will be taking place now without any organizing body. We've weighed the risks, and we think that as long as our group is fully vaccinated the risk is minimal to ourselves and others. BLM won't require a permit if there is no organzing body and we keep our individual group sizes under 50. If we do that, they can't cancel us.

There is something funny about the theme of this year's burn 'The Great Unknown' because the way things are shaking out, that really is the theme this year. At this stage in the game there are only a few things we know for sure:

  1. A lot of groups are planning on attending Not Burning Man
  2. Mycodelic Forest is one of them

There are still quite a few unknowns so I'll refrain from listing them all. But logistically we have a lot to figure out for services that the org normally provides. This Burn will be very different from regular Burning Man and who knows if it will ever happen again. Its scary, and exciting. Expect everything to be harder than it usually is. If you are interested please let people know ASAP.

See you in the dust!

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