Ticketing 2023: Stewards Sale and Beyond

Wednesday, 15 February 2023 14:10 Written by 

Attention Mycological Burners:

Please be advised, the Battle for Animalia Tickets has begun! Unfortunately, it started with a kick in the pants. We received FEWER DGS/Stewards allocations than in past years. We have MORE interest than in past years.

This means we are really going to have to pull together to make sure our whole camp gets tickets. We will allocate our Stewards strategically. If you can apply for LI/Ticket Aid, please do! It will be important that every eligible body join the main sale. Recruit friends and family members to vie for tickets as well. Campmates who can’t come to BRC this year, please consider going out for the main sale to up our numbers. The camp will make sure that everyone is paid for secured tickets. No one will be stuck holding the bag financially. If you have other avenues to secure tickets outside of this camp, reach out to me and let’s talk about them.

For those who requested DGS/Stewards sale allocation: make sure you have updated your profiles with Mycodelic Forest and Burning Man. 1) Make sure your address is up to date and valid. 2) Make sure your email addresses match! That is critical for delegating Stewards.

I’m tallying up the sources and number of tickets. The Algorithm is churning to determine who is going to be buying the Stewards allocation, which should be completed by early next week. The ticket process will take all hands on deck, so prepare to hear from me a lot.
Fuck your Burn!

Upcoming Dates:

Feb 26- Camp Meeting
Mar 3- Steward Sale Registration Closes
Mar 8-10 Steward Sale (opens and closes at 12pm)
Mar 15- Ticket Aid Application Opens
Apr 12- Main Sale


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