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Hello Burner Buddies! It’s me Sinky/Rachael your friendly neighborhood Ticketmaster for the 2020 Burn Multiverse. I will be your guide through all ticket sales and DGS ticket allocations. Today I’m here to announce three ticket events that will be happening this month.

First is registration for low income tickets starting Feb. 12th. If you are interested in applying for a low income ticket please let me know ASAP. It will exclude you from other ticket sales but have no fear as a theme camp we buy extras to offset that risk.

Speaking of theme camp tickets DGS registration opens Feb 13th. The Direct Group Sale is where theme camps are allocated a certain number of tickets to ensure there are enough people to get our camp on its feet. Last year we were allocated 14 invitation. Which means we need 14 people from our camp who can pony up enough cash to buy two tickets at the sale on Feb. 26th. If you are interested in participating in DGS again please let me know ASAP.

I’m so excited to be burning with you all again this year and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. See y’all in the dust ?

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